Australia short film (2017, 11′)

A modern airport serves as the metaphor of the Acheron river which according to ancient Greek mythology was known as the “river of woe”, where the newly dead would be ferried in order to enter the Underworld.
The uncanny place where we spend our few last minutes after we pass away. A young woman, moments after she arrives at the central hall, gets reminded of the long forgotten story of her childhood: “when we get very very old, me and your father, we’ll travel to Australia”.

Key Cast:
Eirini Margariti

Director: Dimitris Zahos
Writer: Zoanna Yfantidou
Director of Photography: Orestis Psomopoulos
Editor: Stavros Symeonidis
Music: Eleni Efthymiou

Drama IFF 2017, Thessaloniki ISFF